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11th November 2011events

Full Frontal 2011

Client-side by the seaside

2nd September 2011events
15th January 2011blog

Why you should try to be a middle class developer

And how I can get an iconic comedy sketch into a blog about devs

15th January 2011articles

Admit you suck

What should be your new years resolution?

29th August 2010articles

Thoughts on Common Code...

Some ramblings on maintaining a common codebase for web projects including thoughts on the less hyped benefits.

5th April 2010articles

Extending Xml: Two birds with one stone?

Mini post introducing extending Xml with a few examples from

21st February 2010articles

The Joel Test #11

During the Boagworld 200 show Drew Mclellan, Rachel Andrew, Paul Stanton and I discussed the Joel Test. One of the tests we didn't get on to was test number 11...

28th January 2010articles

.NET Dev 101 (part 2)

A follow-up to my .NET Dev 101 rant from early 2009. Aimed at beginner to intermediate .NET devs.

20th January 2010articles

XSL for Designers?

An intro to XSL using CSS as a basis for comparison. Applicable to designers and developers alike.