Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

19th August 2012projects

Repo Me - wordpress plugin

A wordpress plugin that can be used to request posts based on modified dates returning titles/excerpts/bodies categories and any requested custom fields.

4th July 2012blog

.NET Web Development, you know you want to...

Secretly... no really, it could be your new guilty pleasure... ...maybe I can convince you.

4th June 2012blog

Should everyone learn to code?

Learn to code? not learn to code? argue about who should learn, when and why?.. definitely.

3rd April 2012blog

The Barn site is live!

For the last few weeks I've been pulling together the concept of 'The Barn'. Ostensibly it's a company blog, but to me it's a bit nicer than that.

25th March 2012projects

Rule Based Themes - wordpress plugin

A wordpress plugin that, based on user created rules provides a class string to be used [probably on the body element] in your css.

7th March 2012blog

Barcamp Bournemouth 4

This time with added hackspace.

16th February 2012blog

WP7 vs iPhone

And why I'm back to my iPhone 4.

5th February 2012blog

Cargowire has a new design

And why getting a pro designer on board is awesome

26th November 2011projects

Alpha Labs

In association with Microsoft, Nokia and One Dot Zero