Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

June, 2012

Boagworld - iPhone App

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Boagworld iPhone App

As a fun side project Tom and I decided to put our iOS/Objective-C hats on and create a native app for Boagworld. How nice of us! Having gone through a successful TestFlight Beta we're now live for v1.0 on the app store.

Oh, and we have the mighty Ed to thank for the design!


  • Offline access to blog contents (both Boagworld and the Barn including navigating between linked posts locally)
  • Podcast and audioboo feeds (offline access to feed listings and show notes but live streaming of audio)
  • Jokes from the show! including text to a friend
  • Combined search across all content

Tested on

  • iPhone 3GS iOS 5
  • iPhone 4 iOS 5
  • iPhone 4S iOS 5
  • iPhone 4 iOS 6

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