Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

August, 2012

Repo Me - wordpress plugin

  • wordpress
  • php
  • repository
  • api
  • app


Access posts based on modified date, for use with clients who cache data and need to request specific updates. Unpublished/deleted posts are included in responses because a client may have already pulled them and needs to unpublish/remove them.


  • datefrom - The start date (based on 'modified')
  • dateto - The end date (based on 'modified')
  • posttype - The type of post to return e.g. post, page or a custom post type
  • customfields[] - The custom fields to include in the response

Custom (potentially non-wordpress) responses

If you include a '[posttype]' file in the plugin folder it will be called when a request for that posttype arrives. This allows your endpoint to serve 'standard' wordpress database data as well as maybe something custom coming from files or elsewhere.

Example response

  • /repome?datefrom=2012-08-09&posttype=post&customfields[]=myfield&customfields[]=myfield2
					<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
					<post id="4" url="" modified="2012-08-09 13:41:45" published="2012-08-13 12:00:47">
					<title>My Article</title>
					<author>Craig Rowe</author>
					<image src="" />
					<abstract><![CDATA[My abstract]]></abstract>
					<body><![CDATA[<p>my body</p>]]></body>
					<categories value="articles featured"></categories>
					<post id="1" status="deleted"></post>
					<post id="2" status="unpublished"></post>
					<post id="3" status="unpublished"></post>
fig. 1.0

Tested on

  • Wordpress 3.3.1
  • PHP 5

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