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When I get the time to make this site more sophisticated I may open these up for comments. However at the moment just drop me a line (see stalk me) with any thoughts and I will amend/add commentary as appropriate.

11th January 2010Articles

Paginate and filter with Yahoo Pipes

An intro to how Yahoo pipes can be utilised to paginate, and filter multiple datasources into one feed. Useful to delegate the hard work, leaving your code to handle just the desired content.

4th January 2010Articles

What's useful for a .NET Dev?

Towards the end of last year I had some correspondance with a Boagworld listener who was interested to know what kind of resources I used for both dev and just plain keeping up to date... here it is in lovely blog post stylé.

6th December 2009Articles

Cargowire MVC: Routing

Cargowire is now running .NET MVC. This is the first in an intended series of articles discussing the implementation and changeover from .NET WebForms... starting with Routing and URL design.

5th November 2009Articles

Xml Explicit Always Sucks

You and I both know that if you ever venture into the world of SQL Server's XML explicit, you usually end up regretting it. So here's a brief example of how it works.. just to refresh your memory.

18th August 2009Articles

Why .NET MVC? (and why should we care?)

An intro and brief take on .NET MVC and what it means particularly in reference to WebForms.

9th August 2009Articles

Ubuntu gets inside Windows

A run down on my experiences of getting my pre-existing Ubuntu install to run inside VirtualBox on vista.

2nd May 2009Articles

Don't hate me for my .NET

A quick airing of my thoughts on .NET after plenty of discussions with haters and lovers alike.

13th February 2009Articles

Our First AIR App

A Boagworld post on the experiences of Dave McDermid and I in creating a simple AIR application.

30th November 2008Articles

Why you should make your own site

A developers view: Thoughts on the benefits of starting from scratch

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