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3rd January 2011

The start of a brand new year (2011)

Year in review and resolution posts may seem a bit passe, cliche and anything else that ends in an 'e' that sounds like an 'a'... but let's get one out of our (my) system anyway.

Rather than an elongated reflection over the year - what I have started, not started, bought, not bought, I'd just like to take the opportunity again to reiterate how amazed I am at the differences in the world in just this decade. This video still sums up the awe that we, for me, still need. Ten years ago we're talking pretty much no google, a pre-gamecube, pre-youtube, pre-firefox, pre-wikipedia era where everyone had a Nokia 3210 (we also had a 9th planet!). Come on... that's awesome and has to bode well for the next ten.

So if that's the review bit what about the resolution bit? Well rather than a set of resolutions here's a bunch of things I did on Jan 1st that you might like to too... in prep for the year and all that...

Small things

  • Reset iGoogle to stuff I actually pay attention to
  • Clear out my Google Reader (particularly things I follow because I think I should rather than because I am actually interested)
  • Review app authorisations (facebook inc privary settings, fireeagle)
  • Use to find a few interesting events to register for
  • Create pile of charity shop books/cds/dvds


  • Listen to classical music when wanting to get things done (I had a Vanessa Mae CD that I used when revising for GCSE's - no lyrics - works) - also try Zero 7 or even PPPPPP

Semi-weird things

  • I added a bunch of my worst time wasting sites to my hosts file and created a default website that effectively points to a local copy of this /GetBetter. Just as an added kick up the arse when I find myself procrastinating.

I think my overidding resolution then, if that's appropriate, is just to continually keep in mind the idea of being and getting better - plain and simple. The last few comments of Robin Ince here really resonate with that idea.

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