Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

18th April 2010

Microsoft UK Tech Days 2010

Continuing the theme of keeping myself busy with geek events! I also recently attended the Microsoft UK Tech Days Visual Studio and .NET 4 talks.

To be fair a lot of the content was similar to what I had already heard at ddd8. So we're talking Optional Parameters, Named Arguments, Generic Variance and Dynamic Typing for .NET 4 plus multi-monitor support, changes to code highlighting and javascript intellisense and a WPF interface for Visual Studio... I particularly liked the 'code only' profile for VS that disables some unnecessary services and hides all windows/toolbars except for the editor and solution explorer.

In addition to this the parallelisation features of .net were discussed (AsParallel(), PLINQ) - something that's always intriguing and worth trying out. And there were niceities too for Caching being pushed into a provider model, controllable client IDs and a far more slimline web.config are all a part of this.

Overall ALM features were a focus. Unfortunately much of this is only VS Ultimate and/or TFS related. However they give food for throught on process, particularly when linked to the talk on 'agile' development. Pair programming, code review, automated builds and tests are all things that can add to your development process and should be thought about whether or not you are using the MS tools.

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