Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

2nd July 2009

10 Things I learnt from Glasto '09

Back from glasto.. after getting tired/wet/sunburnt all at once I've made a list of ten... exciting huh...

  1. I can stop myself mid-sneeze with only an odd squeeky noise emanating out instead
  2. I don't enjoy beard rubbing as a salutation
  3. I should definitely stick to seeing bands I want to see, rather than bands I think I 'should' see
  4. If I leave anything around the campsite I should expect it to be taken from me - but probably not too far from me
  5. Extended time away from computers is definitely a good thing
  6. If you eat too much junk food from the same vendor he will begin to learn your 'usual'
  7. If a guy standing next to you dancing manically asks for a sip of your drink - it may not be to help a paracetamol go down
  8. Feeling bad for someone can make you sit through something you really probably shouldn't
  9. Leaving a gap in the middle of your tents, but not putting a gazebo in it will ultimately lead to someone else putting their tents in it
  10. Wearing wellies in the sun, although stylish, is actually painful

Pick of the weekend? dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip. So glad I finally got to see them.

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