Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

3rd April 2012

The Barn site is live!

For the last few weeks I've been pulling together the concept of 'The Barn'. Ostensibly it's a company blog, but to me it's a bit nicer than that.

In drafting up the 'about' page I defined it as 'Headscapers not Headscape' and that's my hope. The intention is that there is a clear Headscape tie in - Articles and content will relate strongly to what we're doing at Headscape, how and when. This allows us to talk openly about clients and particular implementations we've done, perhaps more so than we would have done on personal sites. However it's not intended as a press release mechanism, nor an enforced 'write an article for every project you do'.


The articles will be written by all Headscapers. That means the scope will be broad. But if you are more code focused simply follow the code category or authors such as Dan and I. If design's your thing follow Ed or Chris.

The design (pixels!)

Once again our designer Ed has done an awesome job both with handling my demands and coming up with some great pixel artwork for the header. I'm still staring at it now - one day I will find Wally in there I'm sure.

Check it out

Please do check out the site. We've tried to avoid a classic 'launch with no content' scenario and have filled in a bunch of stuff including some downloads, code and articles. My launch articles are: Rule based themes - WP Plugin, Using Domain Events and Unit-testing - first steps. Although dated to match when they were relevant to projects these are pretty much freshly written so please do let me know what you think.

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