Craig Rowe

Techlead / Developer

29th September 2005

3D Knowledge Representation [Dissertation]

This report details and discusses the creation and proof of concept of a multimedia 3Dimensional knowledge map driven application for the representation of the concepts within a field of study.

The example field of study is that of ‘Information Systems’. The report discusses the issues surrounding such a representation, moving onto possible solutions, concluding with the creation and discussion of the implementation of a 3Dimensional interactive multimedia artefact.

To begin, the variety of investigations into learning and the benefits of multimedia are briefly presented. This is followed by a discussion of the problem area connecting the two areas of marketing and learning in the context of higher education course information. A focus on and analysis of mind mapping, concept mapping and interactivity is made and followed by a competitor analysis before a user interface design and discussion of the many issues surrounding a 3D interface. The choice of development tool and the final outcome is then evaluated for its effectiveness in meeting the problem. Concluding points are drawn on the basis of the current application and the scope for future development.

[Information Systems Dissertation Project: Abstract Only]

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