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2nd September 2011events
15th January 2011blog

Why you should try to be a middle class developer

And how I can get an iconic comedy sketch into a blog about devs

15th January 2011articles

Admit you suck

What should be your new years resolution?

29th August 2010articles

Thoughts on Common Code...

Some ramblings on maintaining a common codebase for web projects including thoughts on the less hyped benefits.

5th April 2010articles

Extending Xml: Two birds with one stone?

Mini post introducing extending Xml with a few examples from

21st February 2010articles

The Joel Test #11

During the Boagworld 200 show Drew Mclellan, Rachel Andrew, Paul Stanton and I discussed the Joel Test. One of the tests we didn't get on to was test number 11...

28th January 2010articles

.NET Dev 101 (part 2)

A follow-up to my .NET Dev 101 rant from early 2009. Aimed at beginner to intermediate .NET devs.

20th January 2010articles

XSL for Designers?

An intro to XSL using CSS as a basis for comparison. Applicable to designers and developers alike.

11th January 2010articles

Paginate and filter with Yahoo Pipes

An intro to how Yahoo pipes can be utilised to paginate, and filter multiple datasources into one feed. Useful to delegate the hard work, leaving your code to handle just the desired content.